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Techifornia is a private, family-owned and operated venture in Orange County, San Diego County, and LA County. With our experience of over 15 years in the industry, we have become one of the promising companies that you can rely on. To us, the concerns of our clients are of paramount significance and have to be addressed instantaneously. We offer Onsite support within 2 hours or same-day support available as per clients needs.

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Why Hire an IT Services Firm 


Handling your IT issues locally takes up your time and energy as you are faced with a dual challenge of dealing with your day to day business issues and the IT related issues at the same time. This can distract your concentration off the more pressing core business issues. When you delegate all your IT issues to our company you can ease out of the day to day IT related issues giving you more time to concentrate on other important business aspects.
Partnering with the best in the business gives you an edge over your business competitors, which is obviously the result of superior technology and higher professional level. You can reap the benefits of the latest technological enhancements keeping you always way ahead of your competitors.

Cost Effective

Monthly Reports

24x7 Monitoring

Managed by IT Professionals


Managed IT Services

We are Techifornia- your one stop drop for all kinds of managed services solutions.We keep monitoring the server and the network 24x7 and instantly resolve the problem whatsoever is generated.Techifornia has been offering IT services in Orange County for years. We don’t only understand the problem but have quick solutions for all of them. It's our day to day task to help people get through IT related problems and we are quite good at delivering solutions.

Network Solution

We offer network setup services to the residents of Orange County & LA County. We pay a visit to your workplace and suggest you the best network setup option.From the installation of the network to configuring it, we got it all covered. Once you connect with us, you can rest assured that the task has been delegated to the people who understand your concerns and aims to make things easier for you.

Printer Support

It is natural that there are some instances where you can encounter some problems while using your printer. Fortunately, you do not have to worry .We are here you help you out.Installing and fixing problems with your printer is never advisable as a do it yourself operation. So, if you are not confident about your own abilities, then it is better to hire professionals for it. With this, you can have the peace of mind that you can receive the best quality of printer support that you actually need.

Data Recovery

Techifornia brings the solution for data recovery and data backup. We specialize in data recovery from different sources. 
Data corruption can happen in multiple ways such as hard drive crashed, bad sectors found in hard drive, hard drive malfunction, or unable to read the memory card. This could be exasperating for the users since it takes years to collect the data and seems like a big deal to let go of it. 

Help Desk Support

Techifornia is the most preeminent brand in computer repair & P.C tune-up services in Orange County, catering domestic users and small businesses. We understand that your computer is of paramount significance for all kinds of professional endeavors. That’s why we offer spontaneous computer repair services in all the cities of Orange County. We ensure bringing your computer needs to a winning resolution in a most wallet-friendly way. 

Office365 Support

Definitely, an email is one of the most affordable yet effective ways of communicating with your target audience.

On the other hand, there are also some circumstances where you can encounter some problems through email. At Techifornia, We can help you with all of your emailing needs.


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+91 714 367 6853

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Call us at 1-714-367-6853

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